B I O G R A P H Y 

David Noble was born in London in 1952. After moving to Tonbridge, Kent in 1965, he was introduced to photography by a family friend who taught him the basics of the black and white darkroom. Leaving school in 1967 with the objective of becoming a graphic designer, he started work in London as a messenger for a London based advertising agency and attended evening classes in graphic design at St Martin's School of Art and advertising theory at the College for Distributive Trades. During the 1970s he worked as a graphic designer in advertising, whilst his personal photography remained essentially an amateur pursuit. The photographic subject during this period dealt with personal responses to almost anything but would be a singularly private activity as the idea of photographing for expressive purposes would not be 'revealed' until the mid 1980s.

The graphic design work during the 1980s included books, educational projects, corporate and public relations with the move to a freelance practice in 1986. During this period a more determined sense to photograph for personal expression began to evolve with more deliberation. After attending an independent photography workshop with the photographer Nicholas Sinclair, who recognised something about the now exclusive nature of David's photography, the landscape, came the possibility of thinking differently about the role of photography in his life. Eventually at a summer school ran by the University of Derby in 1988 he met the practitioners John Blakemore, Paul Hill, Martin Parr and Jo Spence and his life changed radically. It was a genuine 'eureka' moment. He decided to give up his freelance design practice in 1990 to study photography full time on the BA(Hons) Photographic Studies course at the University of Derby, graduating in 1993 with a first class honours degree. He is currently the Award Leader for BA(Hons) Photography at Staffordshire University.